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So, you’re thinking of a nice new website to help your business? A website with all the bells and whistles, links, videos and widgets? Lovely as these are (and we can help with them when your ready) they are just the garnish – you should ensure the basic principles are addressed that will get people in your site – and get them to stay! Even the most intelligent web user has a short attention span.

Websites are there to serve the person who has chosen to take a look – and should be functional, memorable, and above all, frustration free, so that the user can get the information they want both quickly and easily by removing diversions and focusing on the core message.

PMG provide websites that are easy to use, easy to edit and that have serious business capabilities. We supply sites that are based on CMS (Content Management System) - we can also provide tailor-made bespoke solutions. Whatever you are looking for - we can supply! 

PMG has a solution for every business budget. With our 'Pay as you grow' option we can spread cost across monthly payments with no interest charges, contracts or financing, we make life easy. Website prices are determined by individual requirements. We will be delighted to quote for you - you may be pleasantly surprised! Please contact us for a quote or to get further information

All website prices we quote are one-off costs with no 'hidden extras' on top. No nasty surprises later on!!


Product Catalogues, Shopping Carts, Secure Credit Card Payment Gateways etc....... Our highly succesful system has all these features, but to be a successful e-tailer, it takes more than flawless functionality. Our experience and expertise can make the difference to ensure your business maximises the amazing potential on offer through Online Retailing.

We can provide full on-line shopping facilities with secure payment gateways. It isn't always necessary, however, to pay thousands of £'s for one. As each clients' requirements are unique, please give us a call on 08450 533169 or message us via our Contact page and we can have a chat to evaluate your business’ needs.

Website Maintenance, Service & Hosting

PMG Websites are hosted on our fully maintained independent uk based servers. This, in contrast to ‘off-the-shelf’ shared remote hosting, means that potential problems are eradicated and software is upgraded regularly for greater efficiency. You may have seen hosting packages from as little as £30 per year, but these come with no management and very little support – you truly are on your own. We never set clients up with these types of packages as they are not value for money and you may end up sharing with 1,000’s of other websites on the one server. Any misconfiguration of the other sites, or any malicious code on them, may have a detrimental effect to your own.

Value Added Features

The following features are available with PMG constructed websites:

Search Engine Friendly 
All of our standard websites are designed to be search engine friendly, meaning that your website will be optimised to ensure it will be recognised correctly by Search Engines. To have your website appearing on the coveted 'page one' of specific Search Engine results requires it to be backed up with targeted SEO (Search engine Optimisation). This needs investment of time/management and incurs additional costs.

24 Months Free Domain Name and Hosting
Our websites come with 2 year free domain name and website hosting if you do not have one. Other extensions are available for additional costs (POA)

12 Months Free Email Account
Websites we create come with the option to have customised business email addresses FOC (up to five) – e.g.  which can be set up with email client software like Microsoft Outlook. Additional emails are available in packs of five at £5 per month (£60 per annum)

Free Website Maintenance
PMG Web Services will provide free basic maintenance to your site on a discretionary basis, including small changes and updates. Changes that require a significant amount of work (for example a site redesign) may be charged separately, and we will agree a price with you before commencing any chargeable work. We will always fix any errors or omissions for free and as soon as possible.
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