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Why PMG?


Can I have any Domain Name?

A Domain Name must be available; if your desired name, or one that meets your criteria, is available we can register for you and set up accordingly. The purchase of one '.CO.UK' Domain Name is included in Website Costing.

Who owns the Domain Name?

The Client will. PMG can purchase your Domain Name for you. If you already have a Domain Name – and this is registered in someone else’s name – then you are not the legal owner. PMG can help you with this. Domains are due for renewal every 2 years.

How long will it take for my Website to be completed?

The time-scale of a project is generally dictated by the client. The delays we come across are generally due to us waiting on content information. If you have a deadline we will make every effort to meet it for you (we haven't let anyone down yet!)

Will my Website be 'Search Engine' friendly?

Yes, all our websites are designed and constructed in compliance with search engine guidelines. Please note that this does not guarantee your site appearing on the coveted 'page one' of search Engine results. This requires your website to be backed up with targeted SEO, which requires investment of time/management and incurs an ongoing monthly fee.

What about 'extra charges' or 'hidden costs'?

There aren't any. You will be quoted a price which, unless further features or elements are added to after this by you, will be a 'one-off cost' and honoured. The only ongoing cost will be monthly hosting, service & maintenance fee. If we have management of your Domain this will be due for renewal every 2 years. E-mail management renewal is every 1 year.

Who owns the Website Copyright?

The client owns full Copyright. When the site is approved by the client and we upload it to the Internet full Copyright is given over to the client. We retain no claim on any part of the website or its content.

Can I put images from another website on my own website?

Only if you have the permission from the site owner – you must own, or have permission to use any content on your website - not doing so could prove extremely expensive.

What if I don't have images to put on my website?

PMG subscribe to a number of Photographic resource libraries – therefore can source on your behalf for a fee. We can also use the services of an affiliate Professional Photography Company.

How would I update my website?

When the completed website is handed over to you we will (dependant on your chosen maintenance package) provide Training specific to you/your site to enable you to edit and add to the website at your convenience. We would also be available going forward to make text/image edits for you F.O.C (major changes would be chargeable)

Can I get e-mails with my website?

Absolutely. It helps by having professional site-associated e-mails e.g.:, sales@, enquiries@ etc. We can attend to all the necessary settings for you. E-mails are due for renewal every 12 months.

Can I see how many visitors my website gets?

Yes. We provide you with detailed site visitors’ information. You will receive a highly detailed Analytics service specific to your site through Google Analytics. This is sent monthly or at any alternative frequency you may prefer.

What is Hosting, and what do I get?

All websites require hosting; it’s a bit like telephone line rental in your home, or road tax for your car - a necessary evil! This is where your website is stored on the Internet. We have a stand-alone server facility to provide greater security and maintenance to clients' websites.

What will my website look like?

When an order is placed our Creative Team will design a layout based on your information and this will be presented to you for approval. 

What kind of content information do I need to supply for my website?

PMG will provide a ‘To Do List’ with a break-down of content we would need from you. This can be supplied in manageable chunks and we will always be available to help you with this.

Can I add features or extra pages to my website in the future?

PMG websites are fully expandable and have the capacity for further pages and/or additional features to be added as/when required.

What if I'm not an expert with computers?

It's not essential to have in-depth knowledge - if you can draft an e-mail, or write a Word document, you will be able to use the software to manage your website. And we are always available to support you.

What kind of after-sales service will I get?

The very best. Should you have any issues, queries or problems we will be available to help at all times and will reply promptly and professionally.

If you have a question that isn't covered above please Contact Us and we will answer you by return.
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